“Let the devil come for them. Let hell swallow them all.”

The Punishment Doctrine

The Punishment Doctrine

Facing his demons could unlock heaven…or damn his lovers to hell.

After a week of pure deviance in Maine, Rafe, Krissy, and Mikey committed to giving this crazy triad thing a shot. Rafe has fallen harder than he ever believed possible, yet he can’t fully be with his lovers. Not with the hundreds of miles separating them, or the doubts clamoring ever louder in his mind.

He’s crisscrossing the country in a hot-ticket musical, and that success means months on the road. Sexy video chats keep the three connected, but nothing can keep Rafe’s burning loneliness at bay. It doesn’t help that his current tour stop is Atlanta, scene of the privileged upbringing—and so-called therapy—that almost killed him.

Rafe is determined to face his demons, but one visit home brings the damaging spiritual beliefs hammered into him from childhood spiraling back out of his past. And he is beginning to fear his love for Krissy and Mikey could condemn them all to everlasting punishment.

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“This book both broke my heart and made my day. I love it when you feel for characters, and this book is heavy with the feels. Excellent story!”

— Goodreads review

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