“You’re about to come, aren’t you, pet?” Colton hovers over Darcy and grasps her bound wrists. His firm grip around the ropes is a stark contrast to the soft slip of his fingertips across her slickened skin. “Aren’t you?” he demands. Darcy moans a raw, rasping sound and tightens her fist around the bell. If […]

Five Minute Fiction Week 122

October third was a Friday. The day that I met Sam. I didn’t know then it was also the day that he died. It seems impossible now to think of. It is impossible that a man so full of life, so full of passion, could have his final breaths stolen from him before he was […]

Thursday Threads Week 42

‘Everything’s going to be okay.’ Elaine reads the words over and over again, black against white on the screen in front of her. She tries to taste every letter. Rub her fingers over them. Hear them in her mind in the soft, deep cadence of his voice she’s only heard over the phone. ‘I don’t […]

Fifty Five Word Challenge Week 30

Honorable Mention: Sunlight. Graham can almost see it though the spires of disease that bristled at his flesh, breaking him down until he was crawling through leaves on the mottled floor. He doesn’t hear Layla whisper, “Don’t leave me.” Her words hush with the dense wood of cancer he leaves behind, floating away until he […]

Menage Monday Week 49

Honorable Mention. Judge Cara Michaels says: Rebecca, your story tugged at my heart strings, big time. How sad to have your night of bliss ripped away by reality and morning-after regrets. “You okay?” Meredith lowers herself onto the cheap velour hotel blanket. Her thighs ache with the unfamiliar sensation of overuse, her skin tender and […]

Fifty-Five Word Challenge Week 28

Lynn insisted on taking Sam to the station. She’s still standing there, waving from the shelter of her umbrella as the train pulls away. Sam presses his palm to the glass. His wedding ring stares back at him. “Finally!” Jamie moves into the seat next to his. Sam puts his wedding ring in his pocket.

Tuesday Tales Week 59

Good Girl It smelled like horses. And dust. Sun beating down, sweat pooled, slick in crevices waiting for His touch. Behind her knee. Inside her elbow. The small of her back. Underneath the scrap of lace she wore. He wanted her like this. So exposed, where astonished eyes lingered. Slut. Whore. The anathema to everything […]

Friday Picture Show Week 39

  She loved the games they played. The chase. The hunt. She was his little red, and he, her Wolf. She could hide, but he would always find her. It would start off slow. A grope in a dark corner. A whispered word, sweet, naked and dangerous. Sometimes Tyler could make Annabelle flush as crimson […]

Thursday Threads Week 36

My friend’s husband was buried today. She’s not my friend – not really. We were classmates once. Carrie Anne was a sweet girl. Quiet. She liked nature, I remember. Always looking out of the school building windows to the landscape outside. My football buddies used to make fun of her for that. She found love […]

Fifty-Five Word Challenge Week 24

“Such a lovely boy.” The old woman clucks. A neighbor, Annie guesses. “Terrible accident.” Accident. They’ve pretended well. She wanders off and Annie raises a trembling hand into the steel casket. She loosens Jeremy’s collar and runs a finger over the hidden, angry marks embedded along his throat. She remembers the noose. And wonders why.