The Dressing Room

Here’s my entry for Audra North’s First Undress Blog Hop! A quick recap on the rules: each of us had to write a flash fiction piece of 1500 words or less about two strangers who meet for the first time and undress each other on camera. (Thanks go out to Andrew Stetson, my celebrity picspiration for this […]

Anything But Bashful–First Kiss Flash Fiction Blog Hop

I was invited by the lovely Audra North to participate in the First Kiss Flash Fiction Blog Hop. Want to know what that was all about? Of course you do! Remember the video where 20 strangers kiss for the first time? Right after it came out, it went viral, and even though it was later revealed that it […]


He always starts off so gentle. He doesn’t want to hurt her. “Jesus, yes.” She’s so good. Too good. His hands tangle in her hair, coaxing her toward him, encouraging each soft, slow suck. “Fuck, Sarah.” She moans around his length. He fists his pants in his free hand. He wants to be gentle. He […]

Thursday Threads Week 20

“How long will you be gone?” The rain taps on my windowsill, an impatient beat. It matches my frantic pulse, with you sitting so close, but I’ve long given up on that. I shrug. I don’t meet your eyes. “A few months, maybe more. I need to get out of here.” Thunder rumbles. Nature is […]


It’s where I go when I can’t face the world: your arms around me, my head ducked under your chin, your breath warm in my hair. My eyes close and I’m there, and it gives me one more layer—armor when life gets a little bit too tough. You always strip my clothes off when you […]

Tuesday Tales Week 72

Honorable Mention. Judge H.L. Pauff says: Edgy, vivid and wonderfully written. More! “Feel that?” Jack pushes inside her, one hand on her thigh, splaying her open, the other around Lilly’s waist, crushing her to him. “Yes.” She feels everything. Vulnerable and safe. On display and held secret. She’s no longer function—she’s want. Depraved, degenerate, declined to some primal, […]

Thursday Threads Week 46

It’s a game he liked to play. To send me out on dates, to see how well his little pet could spin her web, seducing prey she had no interest in. “So what do you do?” My date looked at me with hopeful eyes from across the table. I found him on Match. I’d already […]

Fifty Five Word Challenge Week 33

Honorable Mention He appears from the stone in the graveyard bearing his name, born from cold rock. Yet his flesh is warm. She’s felt him hovering over her body, giving her ghostly fits of ecstatic pleasure. “Did you bring the knife?” His voice is barely a whisper. “Forever,” she answers, and plunges the blade into […]

Tuesday Tales Week 63

“So we’re being recusant?” Lilly grins. She leans back and throws an arm behind her head. “You and your vocabulary.” Jack’s jaw works. “You know what it means, don’t you, pet?” Lilly nods. Spreads her legs. Lifts one ankle and slides it out along the coffee table. “I do, Sir.” He stalks toward her. Lilly […]

Fifty Five Word Challenge Week 31

“Where are you taking me?” Robbed of sight from the blindfold, Lila’s hands reach out. Touches a curved wall, brick after brick. Clasps a metal pole. Stairs. “Just start climbing.” She can feel the smile on Jordan’s lips as he feeds his whisper into her ear. Lila smiles into the darkness. Their game has begun.